BSC F89F Flatcar

BSC F89F Flatcar Details:

  • First time in 1:29 G

  • Multiple road numbers

  • Accurately modeled to prototype drawings

  • Fully assembled model

  • Steel deck and cast resin underframe.  

  • Kadee Couplers set to Kadee G Scale Standard

  • Kadee Barber S2 70 ton metal trucks  

  • Minimum recommended radius - 10'

  • Built and assembled in the USA

       Built for the Trailer Train Company in the mid 1960's;  The F89F was a product of the Bethlehem Steel  Company's (BSC) Johnstown, PA Plant.  More than 5,000 F89F cars were produced by BSC for Trailer Train through the 1960's. 


       The Oley Valley Railcar model represents cars rebuilt in the 1980's with hitches placed on either end to accommodate either two 45' Trailers or three 28' Trailers on the 89' 4" deck.  These cars were given RTTX reporting marks.

Retail Price - $165 + S&H


In addition to intermodal service; many F89F cars were modified for use in other services.  OV Railcar currently offers cars with two such loads.

BSC F89F Flatcar loaded with 80' steel pipe load.  Car has been equipped with the appropriate cribbing and banding per prototype drawings.

Retail Price - $250 + S&H

*Pipe load is shipped separately from car and must be glued in place by customer.

BSC F89F Flatcar loaded with 5 die-cast Military Humvees.  Car has been equipped with the appropriate tie-down channels and chains per prototype drawings.

Retail Price - $325 + S&H


All cars come in two paint scheme options

Trailer Train 1971-1991

TTX Speed Logo 1991-2005

TO ORDER - Contact us at with the following information:

Name, Address, Paint Scheme Desired, PayPal Information

We will ONLY BE ACCEPTING PAYPAL for order payment at this time

Once we have received this information and the car is ready to ship; we will bill you via PayPal.  Once payment is received you will receive a shipping notice that your Oley Valley Railcar model is on its way!  

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion and shipping of your order*


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