Announcement on Delay Of Flatcar Production

Due to a national shortage of the urethane resin we use to produce parts in our 89' flatcars, there is a delay to the production and delivery of all flatcars.  The large ice storms in Texas this past winter have crippled the facilities that produce this resin.  There is no timeline for when the resin will be available again for us to purchase.


This has caused us to delay the release of our highway trailers, and will impact the delivery time of  flatcars that have been ordered.  We apologize for this delay and will inform you when we are able to purchase more resin and restart production.  

Note this does not affect our line of 3D printed detail parts.  They are still available for purchase.  

NEW Product Available

Now Available from Oley Valley Railcar is the "Rail Pro Mounting Bracket with Fan and

Heat Sink"

This mounting bracket is designed for the Ring Engineering LM-3S-G Module.

Use this bracket to keep your Rail Pro Module upright and at a optimal operating temperature with the included fan and heat sink. 

Purchase Here - Rail Pro Bracket